A photograph of Boston, Massachusetts. In the foreground, a bustling city center and stadium. In the background, the Boston skyline.
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© WWF/CK Yeo
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Original artwork by Terrascope Class of 2024 member, Katy Hobgood.
Credit: Getty Images
Dudarev, M. (2014). Underwater shot of vivid coral reef with fishes [Photograph]. https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/indonesia-gm521113609-50151466
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A Closer Look: Regenerative Agriculture Practices
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Modern green city powered only by renewable energy sources concept
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A mountainous forest, with evergreen trees in the foreground and a sunset in the background.
Zelei, P. (n.d.). Latemar mountain range in South Tyrol (Trentino Alto Adige), Italy [Photograph]. Getty Images. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/pine-forest-in-the-dolomites-italy-royalty-free-image/872756492? 
An up-close view of a field of barley.
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Black beans in a bowl.
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Sunrise on a lake Lake in warm morning light from an aerial view Canada Stock Photo
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